I have retired from the University of Louisiana. The riverspill.html
web pages are moving from the UL site to this geocities site. For now,
you can download the R-TOT version 6.02 files by clicking on the following link:
Unzip the files into a directory on your C drive named R-TOT6. The *.wpd
files provide user and programmer instruction. The setup program should
install R-TOT on your windows computer. R-TOT 6 is written in Visual
Basic. If you have problems or questions please contact me at the email
address shown below.

Seminar slides in a PowerPoint file from a 10/30/2002 presentation
titled "New Approaches to Modeling Longitudinal Dispersion with
Application to River Spill Emergency Management" can be downloaded:
After downloading, expand zip file.

The old riverspill web site is:
old riverspill site
NOTE: This old site at UL has not been updated for some time, and
I plan to ultimately remove that old site. Information and links
on the UL page are out-of-date.

Michael G. Waldon, Ph.D., P.E.

last updated December 4, 2004